Walk to End Lupus Now Central & Western Pennsylvania 2022

2 B's Lupie Groupies

Welcome to 2B's Lupie Groupies, we would love for you to join our team! The Walk to End Lupus Now will finally be in person again this year. OCTOBER 9 at 10AM at City Island in Harrisburg. We would love to see you there, if you need directions or want to carpool send Bonnie or Brionna a text. 

My name is Brionna Marks and I am the Team Captain of 2 B's Lupie Groupies. My mom, Bonnie and I created this team because we both struggle with Lupus. 

We suffer from chronic severe joint pain, exhaustion, fatigue, GI issues, skin rashes, kidney/liver/heart/eye problems, and we are more susceptible to other auto immune diseases and any other sicknesses.

We are warriors so we are taking part in the 7th Annual Walk to End Lupus Now. Join us in person, or virtually. We greatly appreciate all the care, donations, prayers, and support our friends and family continue to provide, so thank you!

See you in October!

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