Walk to End Lupus Now Central & Western Pennsylvania 2022

Tree & D Butterfly Beauties

Our team is taking part in the Walk to End Lupus Now Central Pennsylvania on October 9, 2022! Join us and discover the power you have to help end lupus!

Hi my name is Teresa which is Tree in our team name. My Lupus Journey began in my late 20’s and I’m now 54 years old still on this journey.  My daughter Desiree’ which is the D in our team name was just diagnosed with Lupus two months ago at the age of 32 beginning her journey.  As a mother I felt horrible and sad that she was diagnosed and now has to go through life like me with this cruel disease.

Lupus is like a terrorist and attacks out of the blue. No part of your body is safe. This disease plays dirty little tricks on us to let us know that it is ever present. It can effect your joints, skin, blood, organs, hair, cognitive functions, make you fatigue and can effect many more things.

Yes some days Lupus may knock us down but the next day we get up fighting and not let lupus win. We are both Lupus Warriors- Brave, Strong, and Indestructible. We are so grateful and blessed that we have our family and friends love and support along our journey fighting this cruel mystery of a disease. 

Join our team, come out and walk with us and help our team raise money to help find a cure and provide resources for people like us with Lupus.

Please support our team in our fundraising efforts for the Walk to End Lupus Now. All donations are 100% tax deductible. Click "Donate Now" to make an online donation. Thank you!

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